Rethinking money

Do we really need a lot of money to live a good life? That was the question that turned out to be the first step on the Tibba journey. We are creating a platform for all the people around the world that are looking to live more by spending less!

Credit cards, loans, overdraft.. don't get sucked into the debt trap. Use your skills and barter directly with freelancers, small business owners, digital nomads and creatives all around you for new experiences. 

What's Tibba?

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We're not everywhere yet. Sorry! 

Over the summer we have been testing our Beta version in Dubai. There are a lot of changes being made and we will be releasing the official first version at the end of September 2016! Woo!

The next hub to open will be Bali, Indonesia in October 2016 and after that... who knows!

We'll go wherever people want us to go. Sign up to get notifications or just drop us a line and tell us where we should go next! 


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