Rethinking money

It's time. Time to rethink money and the role it plays in society. Why? Well, frankly, it's just not working out for us anymore.

Normal people, and the younger generations in particular, are indebted like never before. Student loans, credit card debt, personal loans, unemployment, unaffordable housing, stagnant economies - the list goes on and on.

Thanks a lot policy makers around the world. You've left us with a pretty shitty deal here. 

What's that? Ohh... we're the ones that will be footing the bill for the bank bailouts and quantitive easing. And what will we be getting in return I wonder? Lower living standard than our parents, probably no pension to speak of, no job security and we'll probably be priced out of the housing market in most cities. 

Brilliant. Just brilliant. 

... and don't get us started on Brexit. What the actual donkey was that?!

Well, since mainstream media, policy makers around the world, pharmaceutical bosses and most pensioners have clearly taken leave of their senses - now seems like a pretty good time to come up with an alternative to the current system. 

So guess what. We did.

Tibba is a mobile app that let's you find people and businesses in your local community that you can trade skills with. No cash, no problem. Use your talents for exciting new opportunities and save your money for the things you really need it for.... and this is only the beginning. 

What's Tibba?

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